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Vocom operates a portfolio of telecom businesses. These operations stretch across 3 separate countries. The operations are self-sustaining and profitable in its respective region, and is managed through our USA offices.

From its center in United States, Vocom sets standards for its business units and governs its financial performance. This process of standard setting and governance is aimed at: driving better performance from each of the business units; identifying synergies between business units; inspiring and developing new growth opportunities.

We aim to be the telecoms provider of choice in all of our markets providing the best service available to customers. We are the market leader in which we offer:

Products and Services

Fiber Optic Cables

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  • Outdoor Cable
  • Stranded Cable
  • Fiber Ribbon Cable
  • Central Tube Cable
  • Special Cable
  • Opto-electronic Composite Cable (GDFTA)
  • Figure “8” Opto-electronic Composite Cable (GDFJBV–2)
  • Indoor Cable
  • Tight Buffered Fiber (JV–1)
  • Single-core Indoor Cable (GJFJV-1)
  • FTTH Cable
  • Bow Tie Shape Drop Cable (metallic/non-metallic strength member) (GJXV/GJXFH)

Domestic and International Direct Dial Services

As one of the largest privately held Telecommunications Carrier in the West Coast of United States, we focus our core services in cross pacific destinations with emphasis China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We have extensive interconnections with Carriers locally, Nationally, and Internationally either through legacy interconnections or via VoIP and Next Generation Interconnects.

This effectively let us leverage scale and efficiency in deployment and service assurance. We are also invested in developing independent relationships with carrier around the world to bring to our carrier pool a wide variety of termination options anywhere there is telecommunications services.

Data Center Services

Vocom operates 2 wholly owned and managed data centers in the United States, with facilities in One Wilshire and Adjacent. Our primary Network Operations is located adjacent to One Wilshire, while our Customer-Centric is located One Wilshire, Suite 1500. Both Sites are interconnected through redundant OC-98 SONET Network to each other and to the Meet Me Room.

We offer both locations to our Carriers as an alternative Data Center due to the large scale of interconnections already in place on both sites, plus easy access to everyone else through One Wilshire. Our Data Center is fully staffed, and offers fully managed solutions to Carriers from simple monitoring to complex service delivery and quality assurances.

Vocom OneSIM

The Vocom OneSIM offers local cost-effective connection and seamlessly global connectivity. Our OneSIM selects the most appropriate available mobile network, delivering a more reliable solution than a single network or roaming can offer with just a single SIM card.

Vocom’s OneSIM is ideal for all IoT applications and devices. Industries include Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics and many more.

Vocom OneSIM Features:

For the entire world IoT application:

• Can be used locally and across borders with no interruption

• Only need one single commercial agreement

• One Single Platform- easy to manage

• Requires only one global SIM Profile for eSIM

• Global connectivity enabled by using roaming or Over The Air (OTA)

• Always choose the best performing network to ensure best quality

• Access to Multiple-Network Coverage

• Only one SIM required- no need to change SIM in different country



Standards for business units

Vocom International Telecommunications, Inc., is founded in 1998 with offices in Foster City and Los Angeles, USA. We are a facilities based provider operating under license from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s International Bureau. Our partners reach the entire span of the globe from PTT/Tier 1 Carriers to Tier 2 IXC’s and LEC’s. Vocom is completely self-funded and operate a state of the art facility with the latest generation of telecommunications equipment to expedite efficiency and performance of Carrier Routes. In addition, our staff of telecommunications engineers are experienced and well trained in managing all the necessary telecom hardware to ensure the necessary Quality of Service Levels.

Vocom has grown successfully since the beginning and has adapted to the various changes in the telecommunications industry infrastructure and commercial undertakings. We are highly motivated, profitable, and dedicated in maintaining the level of growth we have achieved over the last 9 years by actively seeking new opportunities and creative solutions in partnering with various telecommunications service providers.

With over 10 years of industry experience, we have expanded our Telecommunications Business options and availabilities. We can accommodate a broad range of Carrier Partners' needs from simple IDD Minutes to Complex Network Management and Data Center Solutions.

We believe our Philosophy of treating every partner the same and treating people and relationships equally with balance sheets and bottom lines has been key to our success.

United States

In the United States, our IDD business is the market leader for Asia Termination from Los Angeles, and we are completive in other regions such as Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. In addition, we manage and operate our own Data Centers and offer Bandwidth solutions for other Carriers. We are the fastest growing Bandwidth and Data Center Service Provider in Los Angeles..


In Taiwan, our Bandwidth and Internet Access business is the fastest growing in the Market, especially when it comes to ChinaNet Access. From Taiwan we reach the entire South East Asia region, such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand; and extends our footprint to Japan and Korea. We offer competitive product and services with extended Service Level Assurances for the Carriers seeking the best in class Price/Performance.


In China, our Technical Development and IDD business is well recognized by our Peers for our Service Quality and delivery. Our core network monitoring and operations is located in Shenzhen, and offers 24x7 monitoring and support solutions for our entire organization.